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Bridal Beauty Must Haves

Bridal Beauty Must Haves!
For every Bride their beauty bag tends to vary from person to person but the foundations of the beauty bag are all the same; it is the go to bag for all little fix's for their big day.  Here are my top 10 Bridal Beauty Must Haves.
1. Pressed Powder - For every bride the thought of looking shiny in pictures is just unbearable.  Pressed powder is your quick fix to combating this problem, loose powder is too messy and you run the risk on spilling some on your fabulous dress.
2.  Oil Blotting Sheets - If you don't have a pressed powder compact, oil blotting sheets are an easy solution to absorbing any shine on the face and will not remove any of your make-up as long as you blot not rub your face.
3.  Lip & Cheek Stains - To keep the fresh look of being a blushing bride  last throughout the day a simple lip & cheek stain will do the trick.  Try Sephora Brand or Benefits Bene-tint.  The light rose color is a natural stain to your lips and cheeks and will last long beyond your first dance.
4.  Waterproof - For most brides on their wedding day they tend to shed a tear or two throughout the day.  With the emotional tears slowly running down your cheek, your make-up tends to run down along with it.  To prevent the tears from eating away at your make-up waterproof products are usually best for the big day. This includes first of all foundation primers, they help stop the salt in your tears from eating your foundation. Try Smashbox Photo Finish.  Mascara is the worst when it runs, to avoid black tears on your face and worst of all on your dress, try a waterproof mascara.  I don't love them for daily use being that they tend to dry out your lash's but like everything in life it serves a purpose once in a while.
5. Hair Spray - A major hair must have!  You don't need a whole bottle, just a travel size spray. They come in handy because you never know how you hair will hold up in the wind with those beautiful outside pictures or even after a few dances on the dance floor.  You can never have too much hair spray on a wedding day.
6. Hair Pins - You always want to make sure that you have a few extra pins around to hold in place the many curls in your hair.  Even though there may be about 500 already in your updo your better off adding just 2-3 more where needed instead of removing from another place in the hair and accidentally having something else fall out.
7.  Deodorant - It's always important to have an extra stick of deodorant in your beauty bag.  It's an extremely important product when your day is filled with emotional events, hot days, and lots of fun dancing.  Again just get a small travel size stick preferably clear to add to your bag.
8.  Lip Stick or Gloss - Even though you have come prepared with a lip stain you always need a back up of color with your lip stick or lip gloss.  The lip color is the fastest product for make-up to disappear on a bride.  There are many kiss's on the cheek and a few glass's of champagne to help with the disappearance of lip color.  You don't need a lot just a dab here and there, most grooms prefer not have a rosy shine to their lips for pictures.
9.  Mouth Wash - Being that you are around about 100+ people on your big day and each tons of amazing food, you need to be prepared for those up close and personal conversations and most important, your first kiss.  Chewing gum or mints on the wedding day is probably not best, but a quick rinse of mouth wash and you are all set.
10.  Dental Floss - This is something that a lot of people forget about, but when your eating throughout the day you do run the risk of something getting stuck in your teeth.  To avoid embarrassing moments of walking around with seeds stuck in your teeth the easiest fix for this problem is dental floss.  It fix's everything.    
I hope this list helps with the preperation of your big day, best of luck!  

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