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Bridal Beauty Tips and Trips

Fix an eye makeup mishap:  The best way to fix an eye makeup mishap is to always have a Q-tip handy.  A Q-tip is a great quick fix for smudging defined or faded eyeliner, cleaning up small little bumps of liquid eye liner, blending shadows, and cleaning up messy fallen shadows.  It's a musthave tool in a make-up bag.
Avoid prom-like ringlets:  The best way to avoid this problem is having having proper sectioning with a larger 1-1.5 in barrel curling iron .  You want to take about 1 in sections for your curling iron not small 1/4 in sections. Start your curl at the root of the hair and slowly moving the iron smoothly down the hair strand while continually spinning the hair though the iron. You don't want to start your curl at the end of the hair stand.  This will give you those prom-like curls plus your curl will drop and fall out quicker.  Another alternative is by using a flat iron or smoothing iron to get the loose beach wave that many women are looking for instead of a larger barrel curling iron.
Slim your face:  This is a great trick to look amazing in your wedding photographs.  You really want to contour your face specifically per face shape.  With out getting too deep in make-up lessons 101 you want to shade 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone using either cream or powder form (personal preference).  First step is to the hallow out your cheek bone by guiding your brush into the hallow of the bone then blending upward motion, move the brush next underneath your jaw bone. Start guiding your brush slightly underneath your ear lobe staight underneath your jaw bone stopping at you chin.  Repeat on the other side.  This technique will begin to slim your face.  Next shade the top corners of your forehead, and the side of your nose.  You them want to highlight 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone directly above you cheek bone, the top of your nose blending up the bridge to your forehead.  This little trick will not only slim your face in pictures but you will have a fresh new face all day long.

Avoid a wedding day breakout:  To avoid wedding day breakouts, you want to maintain a good skin care routine. This is extremely important in the preperation of your wedding day.  By keeping your skin clean, exfoliated, toned, moisturized, and sunscreen protected you have a better chance at avoiding "day of" breakouts.  You also want to try to stay as stress free as you possibly can.  I know easier said than done, but stress has a tendency to cause skin irritations as well as many other problems to your health.  You also want to make sure that you do a make-up trial run with you artist early before your wedding day just to be sure that you don't have a skin irritations from the cosmetics that were used on your skin. 
Apply perfect foundation:  To find the perfect match for your foundation you have to "test swipe" your products before you purchase them.  Testing for liquid foundation shades are different from powder/mineral forms of foundation.  For liquid first eye ball the shade from the bottle that best looks suited for your skin tone.  Your better off with a foundation that looks more yellow toned rather than pink toned.  If your not sure which tone is right for you just compare too shades of color next to one another and go with the one that looks more yellow based.  You want to test swipe on your jawbone.  Reason being is your face and neck need to match, especially when you add a flash of light bulb to your wedding photo's.  With loose powders and mineral forms, they have a tendency to look about a shade darker in the jar than they do on the face.  So look for a 1/2-1 shade darker than your skin tone and apply your product more on your cheek to jawbone area.  Primers are also a great way to assure yourself that your face will look flawless with shine control at all times.  Try Smashbox Photo Finish or Dr. Feel Good from Benefit. 
Get full hair:  This a problem I personally have had my entire life.  The best way to keep full hair all day long takes 4 main steps and they are body building products that expand the cuticle of the hair, try Extra Body Foam and Serum from Paul Mitchell,  blow dry your hair directing your round brush straight up and pin curl that with 1 inch sections allowing the curl can set in place, a teasing brush or comb and tease your hair at the root by back combing sections (set with hair spray), and lastly rub in your hands a little timeless product that always does the trick, Baby Powder.  Set your stunning teased hair with a good dose of extra hold hair spray. 
Apply eye shadow the right way:  This is something that I feel many women have issues with because they are not taught the proper way to apply their shadows.  To start you want to be sure you have the proper tools to work with, spongetip applicators just don't do your shadow justice, brush's are the way you want to go.  Shop around and purchase only the few brushs which suite your personal needs.  Don't buy a full set of brush's that break the bank if you only use them 4 times a year.  To use your brush properly you want to hold the handle from further away to apply the least amount of pressure.  The objective is to have your crease bone guide your brush not your hand guiding the brush.  Start with the outside of your eye and work the brush back and forth like a windshield wiper allowing the hair of the brush to create the perfect shadow your specific eye shape.  For your lid color this depends of your eye lid shape.  You want to look straight into the mirror and analyze for eyes.  If your lid looks narrow (small lid) you want to use a light color shadow to enhance your lid, if your lid looks prominent(larger lid) you want to go with a medium to darker shade of color to minimizeyour lid.  Once you have your lid and crease color your next step is to use a light shimmering shadow directly on your brow bone again working the color from the outside you the eye inward towards the bridge.  This is key for black and white photo's. Lastly you want to lightly sweep your brow bone color slightly over your crease color allowing one color of shadow to blend into the other giving a great illusion for your wedding photo's.

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haha I like your last statement " thanks mom and dad for putting us through this" I totally want a pecan role from stucky's now.. thanks !
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