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Shelf Life to Make-up

Many people wonder "Does makeup have an expiration date?" YES! No one ever mentions to you when you purchase your mascara that it's no longer good to use after about 3 months.  Or that your eye shadows that you bought 5 yrs ago that you only use once in a while really expired back 4 yrs ago.  The expiration date is really important because your putting these products on your eyes, on your mouth, and on your face. A few rules when it comes to the sanitation of your makeup bag;
1.  Never ever pump your mascara.  When you pump your wand into the tube to try to get more on your wand all your really doing in the end is forcing air and bacteria into your tube.  Bacteria likes dark moist places to live, your $28 tube of mascara seems very appealing to them.  
Note:  Instead of pumping your wand all you really have to do it twist and spin to get the product out.
2.  Throw away sponges, especially foundation sponges.  You should never re-use a foundation sponge, again it's a breading ground for bacteria to form.  You can purchase a big bag of sponges at your local pharmacy, Walmart, beauty supply stores.  They are inexpensive and free from bacteria.  In place of a sponge you can always use a foundation as well.  It's quick to clean after each use by just using soap and water.  Since it's synthetic is dries quickly
3.  Any form of a cream product i.e. foundation, concealer, lip stick/gloss you should really only hold on to for about 6-8 months.  Usually if you use any of these products on a daily basis it will probably only last you maybe 2 months after purchasing them. If your not type of person who wears cosmetics daily then it is important to go through that makeup bag and toss anything that you may think has been hanging around a bit too long.
4. Never use your fingers for applying makeup.  Your hand are full of so many germs that you pick up from every place.  You don't want to spread those germs to your face, eyes, and mouth cause illness, brake outs to the face and number of others health problems.  To keep things clean and safe  brush's are a great alternative to sponges and hands.
Note:  Brush's need to be cleaned as well, it is a task to wash them daily so if you can get into the habit of cleaning them maybe everyday that would be great.
5.  Powder products thankfully have a longer shelf life to them.  They are good for 1-2 yrs as long as you keep them clean.  A great product that's out on the market is called Beauty so clean. You can find it at and it runs about $15-25 depending on the size of it.  It is a disinfectant that sterilizes and cleans powdered products like shadows, blush, & pressed powder.  Another way to clean those powdered products is simply by scraping off a layer of powder from the top of compact.  This will remove any bacteria that may have formed.
I hope this bit of information was helpful to you, and now you know how to keep that makeup case fresh and new with each application.

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Rhonda Woodson on Friday, September 24, 2010 8:32 AM
Thanks Allison. Great tips!
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Remedial Massage Course Brisbane on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 5:23 AM
I thank you for sharing this very nice information on make up and beauty tips.Mascara is sign of fashion now a days. I always want and love reading quality contents. Keep sharing.
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Sunscreen Moisturizers benefits on Monday, July 15, 2013 2:19 AM
An inclination to beauty therapy has been found from the very early age. We have got many mention of it in history.Make up plays a important role in your beauty and appearance. Thanks
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Fraxel Laser Sydney on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 1:06 AM
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Fashion on Saturday, November 02, 2013 4:46 AM
I like like this stuff of fashion.
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narrative essays on Thursday, December 26, 2013 8:39 AM
I have a friend who loves to collect make-ups because for her, she feels so pretty every time she put on a make-up. She has hundred of make up collections and she started this hobby when we were in high school.
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It is a informational post for all the visitors because most of the people don't know that makeup products has also expiry date. thanks a lot.
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